Praying for world peace at nariman point loo Praying For World Peace
The pic shows the rippled bottom half of the shot taken, and the other half is the normal usual non rippled. As in life, people always see that on the other side, if they'd done 'that' they're life wouldn't be as what it is now!
Seeing these interlocked chain links, which are gonna be together till eternity or until they're broken apart by some powerful force!..If human relationships were shaped the same way always!
A simple oil based earthen lamp, lit up on the eve of the Indian festival of Deepawali
I always wanted to capture a bokeh frame with my phone. So this is my first attempt to capture it.
When one is depressed, he wants to stop and rewind his life back to happier times. But life doesn't wait for anyone and just goes on ahead.
From the series of #light
Bright shades of red always spark an edge in a picture, be it blood, colour, or just anything. It does stand out its individuality just as each individual!
This is a typical Indian firework. A circular motion induced one. #light
This is a shot wherein I tried to portray the negativity in me via the self portrait and different lighting approach