I've walked through that lane in so many occasions; saw the weeds in many instances. I have never given that much heed to it until today. Whenever we notice weeds in front of our beautiful houses we often pull it by root and throw it away so that it won't grow back. Still it grows back after a rain. In life we go through many struggles it may cause us wounds, people may pluck us out, their words may crush us, but there is a healing on the way, as the weeds sprouts back we'll also rise up like a lion. Jesus was in the tomb for two days, even His disciples thought He's no more, yet He rose. The word of God says you have the same spirit lives within you the one who raised Christ from the dead. So be bold, sprout up, for God has made you as a seed of success. God sends a storm to cleanse you not to destroy you! John20 Romans8:11 Youareasucess Seedofsucess Boldness Healed