Afraid of heights... No problem! @crossfit Undisputedsc Crossfit Fitness HellcatCrossFit training
Always a fun time at Undisputed. Today a group of us tested a classroom metcon and it reminded me of a coaching tip I got when I was new to coaching, "You can always test the workouts you put together" Undisputedsc Crossfit HellcatCrossFit Crossfiteagan training metcon tester
Noon class crushing today's workout! Undisputedsc Crossfit Crossfiteagan HellcatCrossFit training doingwork fitness
This is delicious! Thanks Brandy, you know your way around the kitchen! Undisputedsc Crossfit Macros Yummy
When I'm being good I don't treat a pint as a single serve... I weigh my ice cream, eat some of it, weigh it again and put it away. 10% of my daily calories is guilt free. So I eat 3000 cals/day meaning 300 guilt free! Not pictured are the 8 servings of veggies I ate today. Undisputedsc Crossfit Weightlifting Nutrition getfit macros icecream eatwhatyouwant