宴のあとArt Black & WhiteIchikawa-shi Monochrome 墨絵 市川市
目黒雅叙園の百段階段ヘ行く前のエレベーター近くに飾られていた墨絵の一部分。激しさが素晴らしい♬ Ink Painting ArtWork Wonderful Art Exhibit Art Appreciation Hello World Enjoying Life Enjoying Photography From My Point Of View 墨絵 Black And White Monochrome Emotion Art Textures Gradation Contrast Abstract Abstract Art
Sonic 885 express passage / Photos(iMac) edit : An author of a black and white drawing(sumi-e) is "Mitooka Eiji" who designed Kamome/Sonic express, Seven Stars In Kyushu at Kyushu Railway Company. A remake redesign made the "rimpa" style Mitooka arrange. Ceiling Common Space Creative Light And Shadow Illuminated Inside The Train Interior Design Lighting Equipment Limited Express Mitooka Eiji Passage SONIC 885 Sumi-e 墨絵 水戸岡鋭治 琳派
YouTubeで世界ニッポン行きたい人応援団って番組を見てたら、墨絵を書く人の作品がこの作品の感じに似てるなぁと思って調べたらその人の作品だった。龍 墨絵 Dragon Black And White Painting Ink Painting Art Exhibit Art Exhibition Asian Culture Art Appreciation Blackandwhite Monochrome Amazing Art Amazing Artwork 和のあかり✕百段階段展 和のあかり展
これと前の絵は西元裕貴さんの作品。常設展示されてるギャラリーが福井県にあるらしいので機会があれば行って観てみたい。Yuki Nishimoto ArtWork. Blackandwhite Art Exhibit Black And White Painting Dragon 墨絵 龍 ASIA ART PAINTING Asian Culture Monochrome Art Exhibition Art Appreciation 和のあかり✕百段階段展 和のあかり展
線香花火 Fireworks 墨絵 線香花火 花火
得たいの知れない墨絵のような モノクローム Monochrome monochrome photography Blackandwhite Photography Light And Shadow 墨絵 Backgrounds Full Frame Pattern Close-up Bad Condition