Lo Hei

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Yu Sheng or Lo Hei or Prosperity Toss - raw fish salad dish with various sauces and condiments. A Chinese New Year dish traditionally served on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year for prosperity and longevity. Yu Sheng Lo Hei Prosperity Toss Prosperity & Luck Longevity Lunar New Year Chinese New Year Traditional Food Gastronomy Food Food For Goodluck Salmon Sashimi Sliced Salmon Salmon Salad Raw Salmon
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Dad's Birthday this year, coincided with the last day of Chinese New Year. Decided we should have a Lo Hei. Streetphotography Sg_streetphotography My Father 78 Years Old Singapore
Yusheng 鱼 生 Raw Fish 鱼升 Increase In Abundance Prosperity Toss Lo Hei Cantonese Raw Fish Salad Abundance Prosperity Vigour Chinese New Year Singapore CNY Cny 2017 Singapore
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Lo Hei
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