Weight is the gravitation force that is acting on an object. Whether you've have a full glass, half glass of water or even an empty glass won't make the absolute weight to be too drastic, force acting on it won't be too different. If that's the case then I would say it's not about how much you hold rather how you hold it? If I hold the glass for three minutes it'll be perfectly okey for me, if I hold it for couple of hour my hand will feel weary; starts to ache. If try to hold it for days my hands won't be able to withhold it, My hands become numb, lack of interest and won't even know the whole mystery behind it. Comparatively, that's what happens when we try to change ourselves, when we try to be self-righteous; holy by our own works. The task will seem heavy, boring, and depressive. Christian life is a life totally relying on Jesus Christ, His grace at all times. What transforms us is His relentless love in the Holy Spirit. That will teach us to rejoice always by trusting in Him. Only the Holy sprit can give us the power to crucify the desires of the flesh, otherwise we'll be trying to hold a glass that we're gonna loose hold off. Guys ask Jesus for strength, steadfastness, and persistence. Ultimately, the one who carried the cross is the only able one to help you to carry your own crosses. KnowHim SeekGodFirst AskGod Jesus Will Provide Strength Holy Spirit Equipe ARMOR OF GOD Cross
Jesus is the answer for all our questions. He knows our favourite brand, our swag, our tune; deep feelings within us than anyone else. Things around us can give us pleasure but that pleasure doesn't have steadfast love, even if it has love it'll drain away after a time span. Only the maker can satisfy us and the moment we realise that, It is beyond what words can describe. You've not known the real joy that's why you search after resource but once you find the source everything will seem like a trash. As Paul writes "But whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ". Philippians‬3:7 Answer Lifeintuehandsofmaker Heismysource KnowHim