Pink Floyd - Fearless

3rd place goes to @Emem326 for the Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge Pink Floyd - Fearless ! Innocence and courage; This is a very beautiful photo with delightful grey tones wrapped softly. I sense hope in a world clouded by fear. The position of these two in the composition is really striking. One with such a look of determination to climb higher and the other throwing caution to the wind. High above the hustle and bustle below to a place that perhaps is difficult to go. It's a gentle reminder through the eyes of children of what's truly important. Living life to the fullest fearlessly. CONGRATULATIONS!! * I would like to thank everyone who participated once again! Through art we can feel and connect to something bigger than ourselves. You are all winners to me. I have listened to the song repeatedly with your photos and it's truly incredible. A very difficult choice to pick just 3. Congratulations to you all! Thank you. *
1st place goes to @Jnum for the Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge Pink Floyd - Fearless ! Looking in or looking out? This image has stayed with my mind even after the music has ended. This photo can be felt through the entirety of the song for me. An image I hadn't ever imagined nor have I seen. It can be felt in a multitude of perceptions. This is important to the music and lyrics. Technically it's executed beautifully. Through texture, color, lines, and composition it encompasses the song in ways only imagination and skill can create. An outstanding photo! CONGRATULATIONS!! Enjoy hosting next weeks challenge! Bravo!
2nd place goes to @Virginiaisforlovers for the Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge Pink Floyd - Fearless ! It's pure magic to feel fearlessness. This photo feels like it's in motion while coupled with the song. I find it to be very intense in the most wonderful way. The relationship of the subjects is uniquely interesting through a seemingly complex composition. The deepness of the image is crystal clear. Superior creativity to create emotion two dimensionally. I feel fearless observing this fantastic photo. CONGRATULATIONS!!
Hello!! This Saturday's song for April 11, 2015 is "Fearless" by Pink Floyd. TAG: Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge It is an honor to host my first challenge! I would like to invite you all to participate this weekend! ALL ARE WELCOME! There are the rules: 1) Every Saturday will be posted a new picture with a song, that is the object of the challenge. 2) The challenge will start from 0:00 am and will finish at 24:00 pm of the winner's country. *Pacific Standard Time this Saturday.* 3) It will be accepted every photo that will have a theme part of the lyrics or music of the song. 4) Pictures can be b/w or colored. 5) The winner will be able to choose the song and the successive winner. HAVE A GOOD TIME AND JOIN US! I look forward to your interpretations and creative photography! Pink Floyd - Fearless Pink Floyd Fearless Challenge
It's midnight here in Seattle and time to start the Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge ! *Rules are listed on previous posts.* Happy weekend! The song is Fearless by Pink Floyd. The challenge ends in 24 hours. Thank you! :) Pink Floyd - Fearless
Thank you for all of the wonderful contributions so far to this week's Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge ! There are 12 hours remaining. *See previous posts for the rules.* The song is Fearless by Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd - Fearless The challenge ends at midnight PST. Have a good time and please join us! Pink Floyd Fearless Challenge Listening To Music Rock
WOW!!!! Thanks to all of the fantastic artists who took part in this week's Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge !!! The Pink Floyd - Fearless challenge is closed. I am honored to have had the opportunity to host. Thank you! The excellent photography you have all shared has moved, amazed, and inspired me. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for participating. I have a very tough job ahead! The results will be posted Sunday/Monday. Good night dear friends!
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