Working an event for @VenusLegacy at Slshotel in BeverlyHillsHairColorist
Looking for a bit of fun that isnt permanent or damaging? Come see me in Beverlyhills BeverlyHillsHairColorist ItalyHairFashion has a color conditioner. My ends were a medium to light golden blonde. I wanted a color shift... ColorConditioner HairColor hairstyle HairCut hair curlyhair straightends CopperRedHairColor
Filming with @thirdfloornetwork was so fun and super simple. Thank you again for all of the love and preperation for the day. It was long but super productive. Filming Hair Smoothingtreatments BeverlyHillsHairColorist @SalonRepublicBH
GrammyHair2015 Hairinspiration Hairstyle BeverlyHillsHairColorist BeverlyHills patricialynnlaas @Patricialynnlaashairco blowout blowdry curls 3daybender
I am the fixer these days. My networking is bringing me lots of color corrections. If your just not getting there with your colorist let's talk. Give me 6 months I will get your hair where you want to be ColorCorrections BeverlyHillsHairColorist Beverlyhills Patricialynnlaas @Patricialynnlaashairco haircolor haircut smoothingtreatments
Crazy right we age. That's it. Age gracefully and be grateful for the life lessons you are given... Lifelessons GrowingUp BeverlyHillsHairColorist