@VenusLegacy event @slshotelBH Slshotel PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo Patricialynnlaas
Attending a Wedding at 11am. Hair done CHECK... Weddinghair PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo Patricialynnlaas Hairinspiration hairstyle BBlogger hblogger hair FBlogger
I am pretty strong... Coffee Hairspray Patricialynnlaas PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo
BlowOut for this amazing New Yorker.general concensus is LA women want their Hair to look good 3 days from now. Women from New York want to look good today... Patricialynnlaas Hairstylist PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo colorexpert BlowOutoftheday
BTS behind the scenes during RachaelDickhute PhotoshootFriday Hair By: Patricialynnlaas Photographer: Julie Hopkins @CameraCreations
Catalogue photoshoot with this gorgeous blonde Catalougeshoot Beautifulgirl Patricialynnlaas
Fine textured hair with curls Patricialynnlaas Pre -OscarEvent PARTYHAIR2015 InspirationPhoto hair blondehairdontcare BBlogger hblogger @bangladesh
Added more cool highlight and smoothing treatment. Every 5 months...Smoothingtreatment Patricialynnlaas PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo Blondehairdontcare blonde scissorsalute bblogger hblogger fblogger
@arikasato and @chantelzales girls reach out to me. Arikasato I read your blog girl. Thanks for using my photo and talking about me. Your amazing Patricialynnlaas PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo
Bored with the color of my ends. So I'm playing with ColorConditioners have you tried? Its been since the Paul Mitchell color conditioners. If your not ready for color. Try a color conditioner. It lasts 2 weeks. Fun WatchTHEfade @italyhairfashion PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo Patricialynnlaas hairstylist blowdry hairstyle hair redhair BBlogger hblogger FBlogger
Blondehairdontcare Blondehair PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo Patricialynnlaas Ecaille hairtechnique expertcolorist BeverlyHills WestHollywood LosAngeles @sflmodels scissorsalutehblogger fblogger bblogger
Christmas Tree in the lobby of Salon Republic in Beverly Hills. Perfect photo opportunity. PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo Patricialynnlaas Christmastree Photomirror
Patricialynnlaas Braids Boxbraids Just the ends. Trimming for sure
Straight long heavy hair. I wanted to create volume with soft waves... Patricialynnlaas PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo Blowoutoftheday Blowout curls
New blonde hair. Just after a blowout Patricialynnlaas PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo Blowout Blowdry hairstyle hair blondehairdontcare
Spring is coming. Change is in the air. Your spring time change can be a small one. Possibly you need to update your cut with a side bang or bangs. Add a few pops of color to follow the Ecaille trend PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo Patricialynnlaas hairtechnique haircut haircolor blondehair blonde blondehairdontcare blowout blowdry style hairstylist haircolorist bblogger fblogger hblogger scissorsalute
Merry Christmas to all of the people on my life that make positive changes in our world. To the rest of you just laugh we all love you anyway MerryChristmas2014 HappyHolidays2014 PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo Patricialynnlaas stolen from @charlieprice
Ellen is the first speaker of the night. She has drank the juice. The Hubspot cool aid. IMW15 PatriciaLynnLaasHairCo Patricialynnlaas