I was messing around with Silk Paints app on my Note 4 today. Drawing Art, Drawing, Creativity Digital Art Note4 Galaxynote4 Silkpaints Neon Woman
Wolfzuachis @wolfzuachis 2016 Eyeem Market Eyeemphoto Ionitaveronica Minune Draw By @minune @minune Draw Fingerpaint Digital Art Illuminated Drawing With SilkPaints Silkpaints Silkpainting Silkpaints Silkpaints App Vibrant Color Neon Glowing Long Exposure Multi Colored Colorful Light Painting
Silkpaints Gallaxy Note5 Sketch 폰 바꾸고 첫작품.
Neon Light Multi Colored Symbol Colorful Illuminated Neon Light Painting Silkpaints @minune Draw Fingerpaint Draw By @minune Eyeemphoto Ionitaveronica @wolfzuachis Eyeem Market 2016 Wolfzuachis Minune Enchanted  Drawing With SilkPaints Silkpainting Silkpaints App Vibrant Color Digital Art
Wolfzuachis Edit @flomat @matflo Drawed By @minune Drawed By @minune Drawed With Silkpaints Matflo Silkpaints Silkpaints App Flomat Originalcontent Edited By @wolfzuachis Posted By @wolfzuachis 2016 Digital Art Digital Painting