After 10 hours from kuala lumpur..finally arrived at sungai petani.. 😊 πŸ’‹ 😍 πŸŽ‰ Balikkampung Ramadan  Holiday Lifewithcolors jambesar kampung lovely withfamily sweetmoment saturdaymorning
Adek and Mr. Meow..What a perfect moment...!!! (: Asterinasazalie Instaasterinasazalie Picoftheday Lifewithcolors awesome plkn plkntasikchini plkn2015 instaplkn
green lotus... Asterinasazalie Instaasterinasazalie Picoftheday Lifewithcolors ppkibp smkdp2015 teratai instalotus instaflower instagreenlotus
Nature is mighty Nature is strong Nature is usually always right Nature is rarely ever wrong Nature is beauty Nature is moody Nature is smart Nature always has the greater part Nature is blue Nature is green Nature is every color possibly seen Nature is true Nature is beaming Nature is dreaming Nature is in every place Nature is always with grace Nature is true Nature is you Nature is me Nature will forever be free. Asterinasazalie Instaasterinasazalie Picoftheday Lifewithcolors
Taking Photos RAYBANDS Hello World Colorful Life Lifewithcolors Urban Street Fashion ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀
Morning at Restoran Terapung... (: Instaasterinasazalie Asterinasazalie Lifewithcolors Surut tgif morning friday picoftheday nasa memory
Half Asterinasazalie Sea Lifewithcolors Igmsia instasea instaasterinasazalie laut beautiful awesome blue deepbluesea instamalaysia picoftheday instagram instaphoto
The Life Steps Our entire life is made up of choices What we decide, the action we take, the attitude we display All represent the steps of life Sometimes we take two steps forward And one-step back Some of us take baby steps Some of us take giant steps But the secret is not to let that one step back turn into a failure Learn from backward steps And keep on stepping forward in this dance Called Life! Asterinasazalie Instaasterinasazalie Lifewithcolors Picoftheday instachini holiday thesteps
View from Miharja Apartment.. Asterinasazalie Instaasterinasazalie Lifewithcolors Nightscene nightlife instaklcc miharja malam picoftheday
Lunch...πŸ”₯🍫 Asterinasazalie Instaasterinasazalie Picoftheday Lifewithcolors igsuzuna
Forever alone... Whiteflower White Green Lifewithcolors asterinasazalie bunga putih foreveralone beautiful instaflower samsunggalaxys3 s3 picture photo february 2013
... Asterinasazalie Instaasterinasazalie Selfie Lifewithcolors red instaselfie ladyinred
LifewithcolorsThat's Me Enjoying Life Urban Street Fashion Colorful Sexygirl Colorful Life Caribbean Life ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀
priceless... captured by him Asterinasazalie Instaasterinasazalie Picoftheday Lifewithcolors memory instamoment instagram
Majlis Persaraan Pengetua 2015... what a perfect day...!!! Asterinasazalie Instaasterinasazalie Picoftheday Lifewithcolors ppkibp 2015 igsuzuna instasuzuna instamoment