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Security check for Lky Parliament house26 March 2015Singapore
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Don't judge the building by its look. LKY just stay down the road! OxleyRoad Lky
A great man, a great story, a great Singapore! Singapore Lky Lee Kuan Yew
City Hall MRT station after midnight during the 7-day wake of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew on Thu 26-Mar-2015 Lky Singapore
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Before the padang was set up as an area to congregate on the morning of 26 March 2015, visitors lined roads snaking between parliament house, past raffles city, beyond st andrews cathedral, in the wee hours of morning. This is a testament to the love, gratitude and respect the citizens of Singapore have for our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Controversial he may have been to many, but when it came to our last goodbye, we showed him, and we came as one, in the tens of thousands, all with the same thought - Thank you, Thank you, Mr Lee. We were truly blessed to have had you. Lky Lee Kuan Yew First Prime Minister Parliament House Paying Last Respects Singaporeans Singapore 26 March 2015
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Putting political views aside, as a nation, Singapore has lost a father, a leader, a brilliant visionary, who sacrificed his everything for his country. We would not have what we have without you. We would not know what we know without you. We would not see what we see without you. We would not be at where we are without you. Thank you for giving us everything. Honestly, i thought i wouldn't be this badly affected but i thought wrong. I remember hearing an interview you did with the reporters and you shot the person down with cold wit and no-nonsense logic. My admiration was won at that point, irregardless of political opinion. Your legacy will go on and you will be remembered as the SG BAMF. Well, at least to me. Please rest in peace with your missus now. Trust in us to uphold the values you left behind and build a greater Singapore. You have sacrificed and held on for long enough. Rip Lky Mourning Singapore hero
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For LKY. RIP, my hero, my leader. Taking Photos Tribute Leekuanyew Lky Parliament Check This Out Singapore
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For someone I have never met nor knew personally, it is extremely odd that I feel such immense sadness at your passing. My grief at your passing cannot be expressed in words. You've build our little but powerful island nation into what it is today. All around me what I see today would not have been possible without you. I should find solace and celebrate your 91 years of long life well lived. But at this moment of final parting, my heart is heavy with sorrow and grief. I just hope that in days (or years) to come/future, we the people of Singapore remember and will never forget this immense grief and sense of unity we feel as one today (or this passing week) over the loss of the greatest man in our political history. I cannot begin to fathom the grief Mr Lee's family has to go through. My heartfelt condolences to you. Albeit on a very different scale, we're in this together as one. Lky Singapore Tribute TributeToLKY Remembering RememberingLKY Leekuanyew Sunday
Parliament House of Singapore where the lying in state of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew was laid. Notice that the national flag atop the building was flown at half mast Parliament House Lky Singapore
"Remembering Lee Kuan Yew 1923-2015" erected at High Street Centre just opposite to the main entrance of the Parliament House of Singapore Parliament House Lky Singapore
Paid my last respect to our founding father on friday. The hours of wait is never comparable to his 50 years building up this nation. It was so touching to see everyone queuing patiently to get into the parliament to pay their last respect and how everyone stayed and waited for the queue to reopen despite police officers asking them to go home. Also, all the army personnels and volunteers giving out drinks and snack. 😢 How Mr Lee Kuan Yew managed to unite everyone even in his death. *salute* Rest in peace, father. RememberingLKY Lky TributeToLKY FatherOfSingapore RIPLKY Singapore
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A New Dawn awaits.... Keep the legacy alive !💪 Within a few days of the demise of S'pore's Founding Father, the late MM, Lky , i had a crash course on S'pore's history pertaining to his era. Being a Singaporean through naturalisation n having no interest in politics, found myself attracted to the man's Passion, Tenacity, Firmness of Purpose & Integrity. S'pore is indeed fortunate n greatly Blessed to have him at the helm then, till March 23rd 2015. The man has indeed given up the whole of his life for the betterment of Singapore and her people. May the post-LKY era continue to be Blessed by the work of the her nation as a whole, which already has a strong foundation paved for them .....
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