Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Hot air balloon fiesta. This is a long waiting moment
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Sparks 🎆
Penang Polo Ground Multi Colored Large Group Of People Leisure Activity Real People Day Clear Sky Colour Your Horizn Hot Air Balloon Outdoors Ballooning Festival Fun Sky Crowd People
Leisure Activity Celebration Large Group Of People Fun Day Enjoyment Outdoors Multi Colored Togetherness Real People Ballooning Festival Adventure Hot Air Balloon People Grass
I would like to say thank you to my pilot, name as Leehooper from United Kingdom! You teach me a lot of theory of hot balloon, especially how to polish the “fire machine” and how to control the hot balloon... I hope to see you again and get more information about the hot balloon~ Lindstrand Unitedkingdom Penanghotballoonfiesta Padangpolo hotballoon canada thankyou enjoy love limitededition lindstrandbadge wonderful