Hungry Hill, Austin, TX

Hungry Hill, Austin, TX Moondogg4343 My Life Easteast Side
Im starting a photographic document of my existence on this planet, that i was here...its a project. I WAS HERE You Matter Moondogg4343 Moondogg43 Photography Digital Image Process My Life Welcome Hungry Hill, Austin, TX
Keys, lighter, Chap Stick, bandana, pocket knife, most belt. You never know when your gonna look down and a very cool "personal" Still life is gonna be staring right back at you... Accessories Daily Checklist Before I Leave The House Never Leave Home Without These Moondogg43 Hungry Hill, Austin, TX
More for my Photogrphic Document of my being on this planet we call Earth, in this thing we call life. I WAS HERE Taking Photos Hungry Hill, Austin, TX Moondogg43 Moondogg4343 Me, My Camera And I