Who says two sisters can't be friend, This journey of mine with you, it's never going to end. You are strong, and pretty, A bit of crazy head but witty. We may not see each other, but we are close, We have hearts that are connected, everyone knows. Addressing you a drug won't be wrong, as you are addictive, You are my doll, about whom I'm very protective. Our convos can last forever, like guys making us blush, And our love for our forever crush. I know you can lighten up my pain, When I don't know, How my problems do I explain. Real friendship, progresses from the bond, Day after day, it increases our fond. You taught me, not to shed tears, And with life issues, face them without fears. Cause girl having you around makes me feel great, And I'm grateful to have you in life, my favorite mate. C.C. My poetic Darling IshhaPatni ๐Ÿ˜˜ ParthSamthan Love Goodday LongTalks Igers Writers Poetry Poetsofinstagram Poem Poeticjustice
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