Comcam Airman practicing Cqb Tactics Usafphoto Military USAF Picoftheday Photojournalism Training
Combatcamera Airmen use NVGs to watch other airmen Night fire during a training excercise Photojournalism Comcam Photooftheday Usafphoto USAF Airforce Miltary Nightphotography Nightvision Reportagespotlight Found On The Roll
TBT  RNAF @lockheedmartin F16 refuels over Iraq during OIR Comcam Usairforce Usafphoto USAF Stratotanker Avporn Aviationdaily Picoftheday Night Combat Military Neatherlands Royalneatherlandsairforce Stratotanker Photography Photo InstaTags4Likes Beautiful Instagood Photooftheday exposure composition focus capture moment.
Combatcamera Airman maneuvers around a barricade during shoot and move Tactics training. Photojournalism Comcam Usafphoto USAF Airforce Miltary Reportagespotlight Found On The Roll
Early morning flight Reportagespotlight Avgeek Usafphoto
Usairforce Combatcamera Airman practices Cqb tactics Photojournalism Comcam Photooftheday Night Usafphoto USAF Airforce Miltary