She wants to go to Korea one day because she wants to see the people the food the serenely there by herself.And everyday she spends her time by going to class watching favorite movies or snapping in domitory.She has a routine life. First Eyeem Photo
This is my graduation photo of the high school.Looking at this photos,I often memorie that time.There is no doubt that it is really hard, but I am enrich.There is no perfect in life without entering the entrance exam.
Waiting For The Bell the way to YuLin Building
The person in the picture is an old man I met in TaiziWan park. He was taking photos at that moment. "What's the happiest thing in your life?" "You are interviewing me. And this makes me feel very happy." Humansofzjut
It is the scenery of Xixi when I send it into my qq zone my friend are supried that they think it is a picture downloaded from computer. Is it because of my skill of taking photos or the vivid scenery? @humansofzjut
The purpose of life is to see the beautiful world and do yourself well as possible as you can. First Eyeem Photo
Spring is coming!
I love flowers. Have a look, they are so beautiful. And I enjoy that I enclosure of flowers. Humansofzjut
Humansofzjut 工大大一。最近班里里要拍微电影,我是女主角,这是个很难忘的经历,也是我最近最开心的事。 Freshman of zjut. Recently, our class is preparing a micro movie and I'm the heroine. It's an unforgettable experience and also my happiest thing recently.
Why do you drink two cups of drinks?~~Rich and bitch (有钱任性)
我每天的早饭 First Eyeem Photo
Humansofzjut @humansofzjut Scott Random Report of ZJUT Met this kid in Arianna's class,a young girl luminous by a delicate grace.When asked if there were anything she would like to change in the past year,she answered in a quite neat way”Be with my boy.If only in same campus.”So strong an intense love is hardly ever seen and the only thing worth cherishing.No big woof,kid,know that only absence makes the hearts grow even fonder.距离产生美