Xiangtian Lake.Nanzhuang Recreation Area Saisiyat Tribe 賽夏族 矮靈祭 向天湖 taiwan 苗栗
_ First snow 初雪 向天湖 整山 都是 雪白 色 的雪 雪在 樹上 美 只是 回去 看阿嬤 結果 賽車 因為 大家 都 跑去 向天湖 看雪 雪 初雪 Firstsnow Snow White Trees Tree 夢幻 冰雪 冷 Cold
This is the location for the Saisiyat Tribe; it is a lake surrounded by mountains at 738m above sea level with prosperous tree forests. There is often dense vapor on the surface of the lake, and this place appears even more charming with the magnificent sceneries and the tribal legend; it is also an ideal place to admire fireflies. When coming to this place, one may stroll along the lake side, where the reflected images of the high mountains and the sky on the surface of the lake are absolutely magnificent! Taiwan 向天湖 苗栗 南庄 Saisiyat Tribe 賽夏族 矮靈祭