Soweto Township, South Africa

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As we celebrate 20 years of democracy, which on its own is a Good Story to tell, I must re-iterate what Minister Mbalula has mentioned about transformation. It appears that transformation has been as slippery as an eel and very difficult for the sport sector to get to grips with over the past two decades. Different people at different times have had different understandings of the term transformation. With no common understanding or definition, it is no wonder that twenty years into our democracy, the sport sector is still not transformed. The sector has not even met its own targets. This is really sad because in the end, it is our athletes that have not been afforded the opportunities to develop and perform to their highest potential. Of course there are some of us who prefer this misunderstanding as it serves their purpose in delaying transformation. They have apartheid hang-over/bhabhalaz. Compatriots` history doesn`t lie, (imbali ayixoki, into eyenzekayo yenzeka ke) ours is to progressively learn and correct to avoid repeating the historical heartless blunders. In 1958 in this country, a particular Mr Donges who was the Minister of Sport in South Africa adopted a Sport Plan that gave priority to Rugby and Cricket to a point that a white child was supported and funded 8 times more than a black child. - See more at: Getting In Touch People Watching
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