Taking this picture was a mere coincidence. This is London, City hall. The picture was taken with iPhone 6, no photoshop applied. First you may wonder why the airplane is not reflected, it is because it is much higher and its reflection could be observed earlier. City Hall Bird Bird And Airplane Photos EyeEm Best Shots EyeEmNewHere Coincidencetography Coincidence Lucky Luckyshot Sizes Amazingphotohunter Travel Travelling Architecture Building Exterior Sky No People Modern Outdoors Nophotoshop Skyscraper City Adapted To The City Adapted To The City
EyeEm Selects Metaldetectinguk No People Nature Outdoors Day Close-up Yorkshire England U.K. EyeEm Nature Lover Likemyphoto EyeEm Best Shots - Nature EyeEm Gallery History Xpdeus Treasure Coincidencetography Enjoying The View Coins,coins,coins... EyeEm Best Shots
Love Loveiseverywhere Randomshot Red Carpet Heart Pattern, Texture, Shape And Form Coincidencetography
Sea View Beautiful Nature Coincidencetography
Cookies Dog Food Smile Face Coincidencetography Coincidence Dog❤ Dog Love Dogslife
Collaboration Coincidencetography Tadaa Community Eye4photography  Nature Cloud And Sky 69th photo 2015
The Five Senses See, feel, smell, hear, and shout out loud!! Living The Life Enjoying Life Coincidencetography
Autumn Cemetery Coincidencetography Day Death End Day Envejecer Fall Golden Years Grave Headstone Mortality No People Rest In Peace Senile Senior Citizen  Sunlight Tombstone
Clouding clouds at sunset. Coincidencetography Sunset Enjoying The Sun 43 Golden Moments Coronado Beach California
Rushing cloud Tadaa Community Coincidencetography Clouds And Sky Silhouette Sunset Eye Em Around The World 70th photo 2015
Casual Clothing Close-up Coincidencetography Focus On Foreground Headshot Leisure Activity Lifestyles Portrait
A in coincedence with iPhone 8+ Intothesun Sunrisestalker Sunrise Colors Sunrise Coincidence Coincidencetography Sunset Sunlight Sun Lens Flare No People Built Structure Architecture Sky Nature Building Exterior Scenics Beauty In Nature Day
Coin Coin coin Coins coin Coincidence coin Coin Operated coin Coinpurse coin Cointreau coin Coiners coin Coin Collection coin Coins On The Table coin Coincidencetography
This happened when i'm taking picture for my friend and didn't expect someone was taking our picture 😂 Sunset Sky Togetherness Outdoors Nature Coincidencetography Friendship ❤ Hostelmates Connected By Travel
Sea View Beautiful Nature Coincidencetography
Luna roja. The Moon Lunar Eclipse Red Moon With A Strange Red Light Coincidencetography
Tadaa Community Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Shots Eye Em Around The World Plantography Flowers Nature Coincidencetography 37th photo 2015
Ride with me? Coincidencetography Tadaa Community Eye4photography  Eye Em Around The World Color Explosion Clouds And Sky 76th photo 2015
Follow the yellow bin road Yellow Car Coincidence Coincidencetography Unexpected Street Photography Streetphotography Beauty In Ordinary Things Urban Geometry Still Life
Take me to the moon. Tadaa Community Silhouette Moon Nature Eye4photography  Eye Em Around The World Coincidencetography 87th photo 2015
Like cloud and sky Silhouette Tadaa Community EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Best Shots Sunset Coincidencetography 120th photo 2015
A cloudscape within a sunset. Clouds And Sky Sunset Cloudography Coincidencetography
The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards No People Outdoors Close-up Beer San Francisco Fragment Coincidencetography Mademyday
Springing. Flowergraph Coincidencetography Agapanthus Bloom
EyeEmNewHere Outdoors Day No People Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior Tree Losangeles DowntownLA Coincidencetography downtown district No Fake Confidence  EyeEmNewHere.
In my town there happens to be a salon called Eye M I Get A Kick Outa That! Check This Out Look Me In The Eyes Look What I Found EyeEm Meet Eye M Hello World Enjoying Life Funny Moments Coincidencetography Neato Salonlife Get Your Hair Did At Eye M Nameday Same Name.... Another Eye M Another Eye Em Streemzoofamily Eyeemphoto Two Is Better Than One
Blue match EyeEmNewHere Friday The 13th Jason Denayer💛❤ Architecture Blue Blue Matching Butterflies Butterfly Close-up Coincidence Coincidencetography Day Home Interior Indoors  No People Tv
I Love My Dog Funny Stuff Funny Pics Still Life Stillleben Funny Moments Coincidencetography Coincidence Popular Photos Beliebte Fotos Dogfood ???😉 Trash Art Trash Box Spaß Fun Funny City Trash...
Waterdrops Nature Photography Natural Coincidencetography Click Click 📷📷📷 At Home
In the spotlight. Weathered Close-up Yellow Circle Day No People Coin Eye4photography  AndroidPhotography Light And Shadow Night Photography Photosaroundyou Low Light Photography Photos Around You Lifeisbeautiful EyeEm Best Shots Everyday Joy Night View Photooftheday Night Time Nightlights Coincidence Coincidencetography Spotlight_shots Lights
Happy Meal 🥘 😂 - Coincidence Coincidencetography zufall Zufallsfoto!!  Zufall Teller Plates Essen Lachen Lunch Lunchtime Kids Anlachen Gucken Grinsen Tupperware Happymeal Laughingplates Laughing
Blurry by Coincidence Art Photography Art Artphotography Blurry Blurry But Oh Well Blurry On Purpose Coincidence Coincidencetography Multi Colored No People
Melon massacre Melon Knife Coincidencetography
TIMING Architecture Business Finance And Industry No People Sky Outdoors Bird Coincidencetography History Night Building Exterior