With Mayor James. Bugwas Festival today garnered 8 out 11 minor & major awards of the PASIUGDA SA SIQUIJOR Festival of Festivals. That's except Best in Art & 3rd Place (Canoan) & 2nd Place (Pamukad). We're the champion in Volleyball Men and hopefully will be the champion in Basketball too. Pasiugda Bugwas Festival Siquijor
I'm so proud of my hometown's Bugwas Festival. All the other municipalities gave their best shots during today's PASIUGDA SA SIQUIJOR Festival of Festivals but when Bugwas' turn to perform, the whole croud roared with excitement and continued during the performace's duration. Yearly, the hosts always say, 'Bugwas, the most famous and much awaited contingent…' Bugwas Pasiugda Dilaab Canoan pamukad saging lubi SIQUIJOR festivals
Town Of The Champions - San Juan! Foto during the championship game earlier this evening. Sanjuan Siquijor Pasiugda Bugwas