Here I am sitting in my office, thinking how good it is to have a quick coffee break at a balcony with this amazing view overlooking the Fansipan mountain range in Sapa while enjoying the cool breeze touching my face. I think I'm having 'travel-deprived' sickness now... hahaha 😆 Samsungnote4 Visitvietnam NorthernVietnam Goasean Mountainrange Balconyview Fromthebalcony Backpacking Travelphotography Travelphoto Travelchannel Travelogue Travel
Spring Nature Framed From My Point Of View Fromthebalcony Trees River Sunshine
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Simply Bogor Fuji Xt10 Bogor Rain Downpour Afternoon Fromthebalcony Cloudy Dark Weather
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Stjohns Cocathedral Baroque Fromthebalcony mattiapreti fresco
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Beautiful Blackandwhite Color Bubbles Bubble Lightasafeather Floating Sunday Random Inspirationstruck Filter Fromthebalcony
Stjohns Cocathedral Baroque Fromthebalcony mattiapreti fresco
When life gets blurry, adjust your focus. ♡ Fromthebalcony Night Lights EyeemPhilippines
Bahamas Bird Photography Bush Fromthebalcony Eyemphotography Eye4photography
Hotel views from holiday were gorgeous! Dusk Clear Sky Vacations Holiday Sunset Views Fromthebalcony
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