Long Point Eco-Adventures

View from our "cabin". Best view in the park. @LongPointEcoAdv
Heading into the marshlands after walking cross a couple suspension bridges! Travelingjj
I'm in the trees! Travelingjj Zipitgood
No filter needed for this sunset. @norfolktour @LongPointEcoAdv Travelingjj
We made it! Travelingjj
Good morning, @LongPointEcoAdv Travelingjj
Happy Canada Day! ProudToBeCanadian
No filter needed. Enjoying "breakfast" on the patio. cc @norfolktour @longpointecoadv
Just hanging around, 200ft in the air. NBD @longpointecoadv Travelingjj
Bonfire time at @LongPointEcoAdv Travelingjj @norfolktour
Bacon appetizer at @longpointecoadv
Cara made a Canadian flag with omelette ingredients! @longpointecoadv