Just chilling Scottyzepplin
One of the streets near home Nature Photography Neighborhood Scottyzepplin
Just snapping ma self Scottyzepplin
Just chilling with ma buddies Outdoors Followforfollow Scottyzepplin Smoke party friends
Sometimes, a long road is what we have ahead of us. Just run through'll get there. Jogging Scottyzepplin Followme Naturalworkout Body & Fitness Barbrothers Me
Because listening to your own music is so coooooooool "doing backdrips and knocking down stuff in his room" Music Creative Scottyzepplin Soundcloud .com/scotty-terra sounds notnormalatall followmeifollowyouback
Just took this awesome picture of raindrops. Look like the rains are inbound adios tanning summer sun Raindrops Photography Lumosity Scottyzepplin wet water hydro galaxys33mmzipcam
Man I miss my old hair Scottyzepplin Dreadlocked Zambian Beanie epic zion
Y'know I think I'll walk outside with the spoon in my mouth. Heads will turn into shot you not Scottyzepplin Spoon Spooninmouth Messyhair supertired mightgetaspooningticket
Keep spooning it Scottyzepplin Spoon Spooninmouth Blacknwhite
And suddenly I became a monkey.... *yelling like Tarzan does* Tree Scottyzepplin Outdoors Nature
A little jetlagged when I took this.... Earlier today Selfie Outdoors Scottyzepplin Dark Kitwe Goth doom dreadlocks me
I don't think a comb can hold through that Scottyzepplin Hair Lotsofhair Messy messyhair wet wethair selfie moisty dreads dreadlocks jamaicanlove instafollow followmeifollowyouback
Swimming Scottyzepplin Jump Air cannonball
My oldest converse pair. But they rock Converse Vintage Oldschool Scottyzepplin shoes footwear
Some ant mound on the lemon tree bark in the back yard Photography S3lightshot Scottyzepplin Nature
That's my buddy Toshiki catching some air while jogging with me and bill Air Scottyzepplin running Jogging
My sister says I should just cut the "mop" of hair on my head....( ̄. ̄) Wet Dreadlocks Scottyzepplin Messyhair dripping