Cabbie let me play with the machine today! I was soo Esscited I got skeerd and choked, lol. So my Mr Miyagi came back and did a clean sweep of it so i don't look anymore white trash than i do now. So my lesson learned today, well .....i can't tell u or i would have to kill you!..... so i now have a new flame of determination inside me and I'm ready to practice, practice, practice, till i feel my lines are A's. IFellInLoveToday NewPhaseOfMyLifeIsAboutToBegin Ifeelsospecial MyNewObsessionAndArt ILoveLearningNewMediums IFeelSoLuckyThatCabbieIsWillingToTeachMe ItCouldntHaveCameAtABetterTimeEither ArtAndSoul ArtOfTattoo