So I think everybody has that friend that means almost everything to them, and of course I also have a hunbun like that. I gotta say she truly is amazing. The way she talks, the way she laughs, the way she smiles, the way she looks, and even the way she does some randomly weird things.... She's beautiful. I can't imagine how life would turn out without her. Even though we go through a lot of things in life, we might fight, we might say that we hate each other, we might ignore each other, we could even pretend that we don't know each other, but deep down in our hearts, we do know that - DARN IT, WE CAN'T STOP BEING WITH EACH OTHER. Even in the worst times we know, WE DO KNOW - WE LOVE EACH OTHER. And she's not just a friend, she is my other half. The piece of me that I need to be me, to be truly happy. We've been together through so many things, and we still have so many things to do together. We have all made mistakes, and I'm so sorry if I ever hurted her in any possible way, and I'm sorry for the words I've said, and things I did, I'm so sorry! I just can't imagine life without her. Things have changed, and sadly not to the best way, but I still have hope that everything will be okay, and we'll keep being with each other. You know you truly love someone when he's gone, and I don't need to know that I TRULY LOVE HER when she'll be gone, BECAUSE I ALREADY KNOW THAT. And, guys, we all have these times when we just think, maybe he/she is not the one, maybe we shouldn't know each other, but youre wrong. If that person could make you happy, make you smile, cry or just love, it definately means something, and you can't just forget something that once was your world. She is my sister, my soulmate, my friend, my angel, my best pizza piece, my hunbun, my sunshine .. MY AMANDA. IT IS JUST A BROMANCE.True Love Hopethiswasnttoogay Notgay Lovehertodeath Brosforlife Lifeisbeautiful Imsosorry Reallysorry Trulysorry Justsorry pls dont cry ok im bad at romantic things but you got the point :D