Randomshot from Out The Window  While Driving Hdr_Collection Sky Collection Sky And Clouds Bluesky Southern California Sinceritiesdance Rays Of Light
Just when you accept that the rain will continue walk out to find that the rainbiw begins at home! :) The kids asked me to help them go find & capture a rainbow! I wasn't so sure but gave it my best! :) Sinceritiesdance Rainbow Clouds Blue skies storm horizon
Sunset #sun #clouds #skylovers #sky #nature #beautifulinnature #naturalbeauty #photography #landscape Southern California No Filter Sky And Clouds Sunrise_Collection Sinceritiesdance Sunrise Porn Cloudporn Popular Photo Spot Randomshot
Horizon Clouds And Sky Sinceritiesdance Sunsets Trees California Nature Skyline
Sinceritiesdance Clouds And Sky California Horizon Nature Skyline
Forgot to post! Lol! :) Sinceritiesdance Eye For Photography On A Holiday Random Acts Of Kindness Valentine's Day  Flowers Love Quote Mother Teresa Acts Of Kindness
Clouds And Sky Skyline Horizon Rainbow Blue Sky Sinceritiesdance Tree EyeEm Nature Lover
Just when you accept that the rain will continue walk out to find that the rainbow begins at your home. The kids asked if we could go find where the rainbow ends & begins? Tall order but we at least accomplished one! :) Sinceritiesdance Rainbow Clouds And Sky Sky And Clouds Horizon Blue Sky Eye Em Nature Lover
This is an odd one! :) Ok, so I learned that Selfies aren't so easy to do Lol! It appears to be an art & talent all of it's own! And I am overdressed for work now & need to get out & about! I do much lifting & hard labor in a days work so I wear a blue exercise based support daily. But they stretch out etc quickly.A friend of mine turned me on to this far superior corset type & requested a photo or two for marketing purposes! :) Selfie Sinceritiesdance
This is an old photo but dear to my sons & my heart! Just prior to entering the Sequoia Nat'l Park in the South Fork River. Our old stomping grounds! :) Camping Enjoying The Sun Sinceritiesdance R Sunshine Water Reflections Rivers Eye4photography  EyeEm Nature Lover
Skyline California Sinceritiesdance Horizon Clouds And Sky Blue Sky Eye Em Nature Lover Rainbow
Relaxing Selfie Sinceritiesdance Reflection Silhouette Shadow-art Backlight Planes Library
Sometimes the most beautiful moments occur when you stop to breath! Instagram Old Post Beachphotography Water Sun_ Collection Sunny Day My Son Family First Cousin Sinceritiesdance
This was my life script a few years back! I can't wait for the next script! @ ! @ I am working on it! Eyeemnaturelover Sky And Trees Sunset Palm Trees Sunshine Sunset #sun #clouds #skylovers #sky #nature #beautifulinnature #naturalbeauty #photography #landscape Sincerely  Sinceritiesdance R Sunshine Coastline
The most brilliant of beauty is often found not only in the obvious and physical thing but in the act and in the intention. Acts Of Kindness Simple Beauty Red Rose Flowers Simple Moment Eye Em Nature Lover Sinceritiesdance My Sons Good Idea Sister ❤
"Sonetimes good things fall apart so something better can fall together!" ~Marilyn Monroe Qoutes & Sayings Marilyn Monroe Water_collection Waterreflections  Sinceritiesdance Think Positive Good Things Life Will Be Better