Just received Mission 3! Need to figure out the 4 ingredients for Banitsa and go out to buy them. Then I should find my way to a village 5 km South East of VelikoTarnovo . The name starts with an 'A'. I'll need some help from Bulgarians on this one. • TstBulgaria • Socialtravel ErlebeBulgarien •
Boom! Found the citadel and sign really fast thanks to Dries on Facebook. Going inside for the second Mission.. • TstBulgaria • Socialtravel ErlebeBulgarien VelikoTarnovo •
Riddle me this, riddle me that... Who can help me find the answer and complete mission 2? • TstBulgaria • Socialtravel Bulgaria ErlebeBulgarien
Sooo... 2 people on Facebook and 1 tweep send me the answer within minutes. The Bulgarian King's name is Kaloyan and he held Baldwin I hostage in the tower behind me. Thank you Dries, Theo (Facebook) and Teddy Wanderlust (Twitter) for finding the name and thank you lovely church lady for pointing me in the direction of the tower! • TstBulgaria • Socialtravel ErlebeBulgarien Bulgaria
I managed to figure out the ingredients for Banitsa and that I had to find my way to Arbanasi a small village outside VelikoTarnovo . The I met up with Stephan and together we cooked up a beautiful Banitsa :-) Time for dinner now. Dobar apetit! • TstBulgaria • Socialtravel ErlebeBulgarien Bulgaria •
Hitting the road to VelikoTarnovo ! Get in touch if you are around or know people living or traveling there. Would be cool to catch up. • This part of the Adventure is supported by Bulgaria • • Travel Socialtravel ErlebeBulgarien •