In a few hours I'll have a talk about being social around the world on this stage and that's all thanks to all you guys out there! Grateful, excited and yes a little bit nervous. Wish me luck ;-) • TstTalks • Tedxuhasselt
Yesterday's TEDx talk about this Socialtravel adventure was quite the experience! So many emotions running through my vains. Excitement, fear, gratitude and I'm sure I missed a few others but sooooo happy that I got this opportunity!!! Thank you Rutger and Wouter for inviting me! Happy we bumped into each other in Berlin :-) I hope I got my message across and from the moment the video is online I'll of course share it. A big thanks goes to you out there reading this and being part of this adventure. None of this would have been possible without you. You know what would be cool? If you'd wrote in the comments where and when we met/connected and what we did together. Let's take a trip through memory lane ;-) • TstTalks at Tedxuhasselt • travel SocialTravel