Let the world deceive you not, for the world is only temporary life. As Muslim we believe that there will be another world after this life known as Akhirah(hereafter), where are the people will be bring to judgement for what they did on this world. Doing good deed promising you good repay while doing bad deed promising you bad one. The one with the more good deed will be place in the jannah which are the heavens (yet by mercy الله only) and the one with more bad deed will placed in jahannam which is the hell (may الله protect us all). It is not prohibited for you to look out for the dunya(world thing such as money, car etc) as long as it doesn't deceive you from worshipping and remembering لله. Muslimlivesmatter
Muslims are newsworthy only when behind the gun , not in front Chapelhillshooting Muslimlivesmatter
Great topic... Its tomorrow... Letsgo Mustgo Gojer Muslimlivesmatter Veryveryvery
They supported the Palestinians. They organised a project for the Syrians. They are newly-wed. They are brother and sisters. They are Muslims. They are humans. May Allah have mercy on their young souls and grant them Jannah.. Ameen.. Chapelhillshooting Muslimlivesmatter