Alone with my words

It was so quiet, not like how he was used to this place. It was normally a hive of activity, people taking there kids to the park, to see the squirrels or to here the pond to feed the ducks, geese and swans. He looked at his watch again. That explained it, it was way to early for most. Only the ardent dog walkers where out taking there beloved pets for there Morning walk, probably before they have to lock up there dogs and head for work. He stood transfixed watching this one duck preen itself. He had no idea why this had him mesmerized so, but he found it relaxed him. He brought his camera up to his eye and began to adjust the manual focus, turning it to the left, when he thought it looked clear and right he took it slightly past to make sure, and as it became slightly distorted took it back ever so slightly. That was it. Snap, snap, snap he took three shots. Snap, snap. He was taken by surprise he hadn't pressed his shutter button. He looked up from his camera to see another person taking pic's right next to him. He hadn't even heard or noticed anyone approaching he had been so wrapped up in taking his own shots. He noticed as the camera came away from the face that she was a beautiful female. His shyness kicked in big style, but he managed to muster a smile at her. Please say something to me he was thinking in his head. If she speaks I would have to answer and then who knows. He began to raise his camera again to alleviate his sense of frustration at himself. As he adjusted his camera again he heard an angel speak....... Duck Face Friday My Words My Story Fictional Writing Story Time Alone With My Words Nikon D5200 EyeEm Nature Lover Nature_collection Don't Like Don't Follow