Save people

Listen! I am now at a place where I am hearing loud cheap music. I'm pretty sure I've posted this link before or sent it to many but I'll post it again. I am very sad and upset and my heart goes to the milions of those emigrants trying to cross the border to the promise land, our sweet Europe. Tomorrow morning I'll be having my espresso coffee and my croissants, some exotic fruits and then I'll start my Saturday day. I'll over think. Evaluate my life. I'll end up realizing that my day was awesome yet not pretty content with it. Meanwhile a few hundreds will die asfixieted under their boats trying to take a boat trip for which they didn't pay a ticket. Some of them will make it. Most of them will not. Meanwhile some people will prepare their plan of corrupting the few that will get to Europe but won't have a chance to survive here. They will be taught the art of shooting. This is what I'm afraid of. I think I will move into a house instead of this apartment and prepare a room for at least one of these desperate souls. Heavenandhell Getting Inspired Compassion Safe Emigrants Save Syria Refugees Welcome Save Freedom Save People EyeEmBestEdits Helping Refugees