She was so Determined to keep practicing and be brilliant during her next game. Ourdaughter Memories ❤ Intherain Nevergiveup MyReasonToKeepPushing Mylife❤ EyeEm
Good Morning! ColdAsFuck Watching The Sunrise School ✌ MyReasonToKeepPushing Stay Positive Outside ♥ TakeMeToChurch Favorite Song ❤ Nowplaying♪♫
Showcase April MyReasonToKeepPushing
He just makes me so happy . the love my life ? . what i been lookn for all my life. I got me a keeper. And ik we gone be good. I got him like he got me . behind my king ill kill . words cant express how much i appreciate him everday. God is good & truly blessed me. Theres not a day that goes by that i look on the past or thank twice. Baby got it on lock & we always and forever no worries at all . ?? I LOVE YOU BABY WITH EVERYTHING IN ME ??? Hisqueen MyKING MyReasonToKeepPushing LoveHimToDeath .
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