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Mum, now have just about 3 and a Half month passed since you passed out and left my life! I would say thank you, for all the things you've got for me thank you soooo much!. For the great moments in my life in which you have given me strength and support! No one will ever be able to replace you, not now nor in the future! You always said that you try me to fulfill all my desires, these words I will never forget, because you have kept these words! - But I'm slowly turn my promise to redeem what I gave you before we met the last time. I think it is still in honor and will fulfill it. I go my way, just as you left it up to the 09/10/2014 with me. I miss you so indescribable! In love your son Rip Notext Fitspo Workout getfit instahealth cleaneating active healthychoices determination diet bodybuilding strong cardio training lifestyle fit healthy fitnessaddict instagood train health tagdistrict td photooftheday gym exercise
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