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Location: Daman-e-Koh, Islamabad, Pakistan.  We always saw him in a trance-like reverie, playing the most beautiful melodies on kabuli Rebab (a lute-like musical instrument, originally from Afghanistan) , each time we visited this place.  He always sat like this, utterly detached from his surroundings - as if his soul had been unchained and transcended somewhere into the skies.  He spoke very little, and demanded nothing. Standing near him on this bench, in the very heart of Margalla Hills, with the cool breeze teasing our hair into a dance, and the soft notes of Rebab seeping in through our curled toes, I realize how the best things in life are free.  Streetlife Theroadsidelife
Smiles that make grief look like it doesnt exist. Streetphotography Streetlife Theroadsidelife For Peshawar..
Of folded skin And untold battles fought within.  I spotted her in a Sunday Bazar near Chiniot arguing with the fruit vendor while failing to strike a bargain.  The sun was unbearably harsh that summer noon, and it blazed her face as if accentuating the marks of labor on her face. After several attempts at insisting to bring down the price, I saw her leaving the market with nothing more than a half eaten pack of raw peanuts in her hand.  She seemed oblivious of my presence at that point, as I was sitting in a car at a distance. As I neared her and caught her attention, I lifted up my camera and hinted for her permission. I took her nod as a sign of approval and kept clicking while she looked around herself - as if wondering what she'd take home that day.  Streetphotography Streetlife. Streetwise Theroadsidelife
It's a little tragic, I think, how people with cameras are only capable of spotting portraits and faces in places torn apart by war, blood, and gut-wrenching hunger. FacesOfEyeEm Thehumancondition Thehungergames Color Portrait Canon Streetphotography Theroadsidelife Streetlife. Streetwise
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Of cheerful faces on street corners. - For Peshawar. Streetlife Streetphotography Theroadsidelife
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Home is not a place. It's the sound of cheerful, unrestrained laughter. - For Peshawar. Streetlife Streetphotography Theroadsidelife
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