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Home made vegetable pakoda or pakora - nice evening time snack and it is perfect when it rains :-) Pakoda Pakora Snacks Pakoras Snack Vegetarian Vegetablepakora Vegetablepakoda Vegetablepakodas Veg Vegetablesnack Fried Friedveggies Friedvegetables Friedvegetable Friedsnacks Friedsnack Eveningtimesnacks Indiansnacks Indiansnack Fries Foodies Foodie Food Oilfry tasty hungry healthyfood nutrition nutritious
Fried spicy morning glory Food Ready-to-eat Vegetable Healthy Eating Meal Healthy Lifestyle Cooked Chopped ThaiFoodGoodTaste Thai Style Food Thaifooddelicious Thaifood Thai Style Food And Drink Friedspicyvegetable Friedvegetable Friedveggies Friedvegetables
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Fried vegetable Dinner Friedvegetable
What's For Dinner? Shrimptempura Fried Rice Friedvegetable Good Food Good Mood