Architecture Mumluk Historical Monuments Cairo Egypt Tour Egypt Oldcairo History Tourists Tourism Historical Building Egypt Cairo Islamic Architecture Scluptures Tourist Photography the gate of sultan hassan like if you are in the past by using your time machine walking through it surrounding by old people with their old fashion of clothes in this period what if you are live in this time ?! Photographer Cinematography Thisisegypt
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Black & WhiteThe beauty of the Islamic architecture sculptures that catch the sight everytime as if it your first time to open your eyes and see in this world ­čśŹ Architecture_bw Architecture Scluptures Mumluk Black&white Tourism Tour Tourist Photography Egypt Cairo Egypt Oldcairo History
Wondering how the old people had the power and will to finish this building with such accuracy to catch the sight of everyone who visit it Architecture_bw Architecture Islamic Architecture History Oldcairo Mumluk Egypt Egypt Cairo Black & White Tourism Tour Tourists
The inside out , the inside of sultan hassan mosque and the outside of rafaie mosque what a scence , Thisisegypt Photographer Cinematography Historical Building Islamic Architecture Architecture Scluptures Egypt Cairo Cairo Egypt Mumluk Oldcairo Photography History Tourists Tourism Egypt Tour Tourist Historical Monuments Architecture_bw Black & White Black&white
The magic of architecture as it looks like a great carpet on the celling catching up your sight as it capturing you in a new world filled of colors to refresh your eyes Architecture Photographer Cinematography Architecture_bw Islamic Architecture Scluptures Egypt Cairo Cairo Egypt Mumluk Oldcairo Historical Monuments Black&white Historical Building Tourist Tourism Tourists History Photography Black & White Egypt Tour Thisisegypt B&w Street Photography
B&w Street Photography First Eyeem Photo Mumluk Oldcairo Architecture Architecture_bw Egypt Tour Tourism As old as the street is as the old we are where in every corner of the street you can find the features of your face as you were born to complete the scene
The ancient today , it looks like the past period mixed with today what a scene History Historical Monuments Historical Building Tourism Tourists Tour Egypt Cairo Egypt Oldcairo Mumluk Architecture
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Architecture Architecture_bw Egypt Oldcairo Mumluk Tourism Tour The great mohamed ali's sabil in muizz street where your heart could be a prisoner to the beauty of the amazing architecture creativity and the real meaning of the fatherhood which showed by mohamed ali to his son by building this sabil for his memory , the architecture style is composed of mumluk and the European Turkish style in this period History Black & White
the arabic calligraphy it is an art which feel you like it coming out from your body to the screen and be alive , what an art. Egypt Photographer Egypt Cairo Cairo Egypt Historical Monuments Islamic Architecture Historical Building Mumluk Oldcairo Architecture_collection Architecture History Thisisegypt Arabic Arabic Calligraphy First Eyeem Photo Photography Arabic ArtTourism Tour Museum Tourist ArabicCaligraphy Sultan Hassan Mousque Arabiccalligraphy
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