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We set out for Ecuador's highest peak at midnight. After passing through a small scree field we reached the glacier along the western ridge. From that point on it was a long slog, straight up to the summit. Step after step, breath after breath - the air got thin and at times it felt a bit like breathing through a straw. The summit itself is very broad and there are actually four summits attributed to Chimborazo. We reached the Veintemilla summit 6,267 m / 20,561 ft pictured here in the early morning. Ahead is my rope partner, Ecuadorian climber and guide Estalin Suárez. Directly ahead of us is the highest summit on the mountain, the Whymper summit 6,310 m / 20,702 ft. It will take us another hour to get there. Ecuador Chimborazo Volcan Chimborazo Mountaineering Open Edit Ecuador-pgw The Traveler - 2015 EyeEm Awards The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards Go Higher
Whymper summit, Chimborazo 6,310 m. / 20,702 ft. Andes, Ecuador. Chimborazo holds a unique positioning among the great mountains of the world, it is the furthest point from the center of the Earth. The closest point to the stars. A big thank you to Garrett Madison of as well as climbers and guides Conan Bliss and Estalin Suárez for the stellar climbs in Ecuador. It was also a pleasure to climb with fellow climbers John Reyes, Tom Janson, Denise Elmer and Don Brier. For all of the things that are fleeting in life, there are moments like these which last. Ecuador Chimborazo Volcan Chimborazo Mountaineering Open Edit Ecuador-pgw Go Higher
Having just entered the park to begin our approach on Chimborazo, we have about a two hour hike to establish our high camp. When the clouds are touching the ground before you even start, you know you are about to do something big! Ecuador Chimborazo Volcan Chimborazo Volcano Open Edit Ecuador-pgw
A passage through ice mushrooms on the way to Whymper summit Chimborazo. Ecuador Chimborazo Volcan Chimborazo Mountaineering Open Edit Ecuador-pgw Go Higher
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Chimborazo Volcan Chimborazo Ecuador♥
Approaching the high summit on Chimborazo. Ecuador Chimborazo Volcan Chimborazo Volcano Mountaineering Open Edit Ecuador-pgw Go Higher
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I don't know how is in english, but this in spanish is 'las faldas del Volcan Chimborazo' Beautiful Nature
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Chimborazo Volcan Chimborazo Ecuador
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