Changed the Milspecgrip to Hoguecarboncoregrip .....badassery.... Windham Ww15
OlympicArms556mmMFR with MagpulMOEbuttstock MagpulBADlever Hoguecarboncoregrip troyprogradeslingadapter blackhawksling nikonPseries223scoperings simmonsmasterseriesscope 3-9 X 40 power... doublestarcorpAMBITACcharginghandle
About to do some more customizing....Beamshotgb800mtacticallaser and Hoguecarboncoregrip .....almost done with the AR add ons... 2ndamendment Lovemyrights windham ww15
Zombiegreen Glowinthedark Hoguecarboncoregrip installed on the Windham ww15 for @mimi1347 so it has a little bit if her flavor&style !! Next will be the forend (hand guard)....