Reloading some MagpulPmags with some cheap ass HortersSteelCaseAmmo ... $5.99 for 20.. Oorah PewPewPew Guns gunporn
...and this is what the whole rifle will look like tomorrow afternoon... Mancrafting Craftingformen Oorah MagpulPmags troybattlemags doityourself SpongeTechniqueCamouflage KrylonUltraflatCamouflage
Loading a few MagpulPmags for a future range trip... Oorah Glock17Gen4 223Remington 556 AR15 OlympicArms556mmMFR
Loading up some MagpulPmags and Troybattlemags for the next trip..... SellierNBellot223remingtons for $9 per box.....