Nofilter#noedit Feel The Journey Brooklyn Bridge / New York Hello World Every Picture Tells A Story Myhappyeverafter
Nofilter#noedit Feel The Journey Washington, D. C. Travel Photography True Story Myhappyeverafter
Medellincolombia 💜 Forever ♡ MyLove❤ Myhappyeverafter Feel The Journey
My Sayang. Favoriteboy Myhappyeverafter
5/5/2014 ; Celebrating Mummy's birthday. Myhappyeverafter Extendedfamily Favoriteboy
I'm glad that we found love in each other despite the flaws, imperfections and differences. I love you, always and forever. Favoriteboy Myhappyeverafter
Happy Birthday to my Queen. May Allah always bless you with health and longevity, and grant you wealth here and thereafter. Thankyou for your love and support all these years just to take care of me and brother. Nothing in the world can repay and justify how much you sacrificed for us. I love you, always. I hope you enjoyed the simple dinner treat just now. Family Myhappyeverafter Alwaysandforever
Mi Amor. Favoriteboy Myhappyeverafter
Falling in love over and over again with you. Favoriteboy Myhappyeverafter
Blessed Saturday. Myhappyeverafter LoveandJoy Happiness Favoriteboy rifqihamdani