Another picture of DashBerlin at this year's Digitaldreams Festival in Toronto . A huge thank you to @Nikon_Canada for sponsoring our team at @BeyondTheDrop this year. All of my pictures from this event will be available on Flickr in High Res. The Coolpix P600 is amazing! It really elevated my photo game over the weekend. Even I was surprised at what I could do with it in the little time I've had it. I can only imagine how much better I'd be/get if I had one for myself ?? TruePassion BudlightLiving StandUp
Sick view from the @bacardicanada seats here at the Bluejays game. TruePassion in that swing! Gojaysgo
That's all she wrote. @DistilleryTO @BacardiCanada TruePassion FestivalLibre Toronto Distillerydistrict
WondersOfNature Portrait Focused Beautiful Flower Collection Flowers Photography TruePassion
Water Reflections Photography TruePassion Travelingtheworld
PhonePhotography Oldtown Water Reflections Travelingtheworld  TruePassion
Winter Snow ❄ Sunshine Sunrays Photography TruePassion
WondersOfNature Flower Collection Photography TruePassion Travelingtheworld
Taxi anyone? Late night creeping w/ @Beachrock & @Clickflick after the @BacardiCanada TruePassion FestivalLibre event at @DistilleryTO Toronto
onsomeshit TruePassion First Eyeem Photo
Huge thanks to @BacardiCanada for a night to Cometogether cheering the Bluejays with TruePassion alongside these gems in VIP seats on Wednesday