After Final Year presentation. All smiles..thank God UDS14 KampusLife 2014grads
Sutro filtered. Game face is on. Last week in Navrongo UDS14 2014grads Udsgh KampusLife
Next year its first grade!!! Salty i couldn get a picture with cap n gown .. 2014grads
Today's 23rd June, final year Project presentation, Presentation App downloaded on my Pebble , dressing Formal today - wish me Luck :-) KampusLife Pebblers PebbleSmartWatch UDS14 2014grads
A snippet of my final year project presentation. Can't wait for 23rd UdsGhana 2014grads KampusLife
Current me. Took this shot today., trying out the new Instagram for Android Selfie KampusLife 2014grads