Gyumri 2015

Gyumri 2015 Architecture Photo HDR Color
Topchyanyan Art]:handicraft] Armenia Gyumri 2015 Arbeitsplatz
Inside one of Gyumri 2015 's Wrecked houses Armenia Teapot Abandoned Abandoned Buildings Broken Lock
Gyumri 2015
Imside one of the abandoned, wrecked houses of Gyumri. A beautiful facade of the 19th century, home to some small trees and grasses, hides collapsed floors and traces of humans and animals that once stayed there. Gyumri 2015 Armenia Titanic Things On The Floor House Forgotten Forgotten Places
I've ever since loved languages. From the moment I learnt the first language with non- latin letters, I've been fascinated by unique alphabets. Today I was super impressed when seeing a few lines of this ancient inscription in the dry plane of Gyumri, Armenia, dating back to the 7th century B.C.! Gyumri 2015 Marmashen Alphabetography Ancient Stonewall Stone
Gyumri 2015 Armenia Streetseller Watermelon Wassermelone Sonnenschirm