Hawaiian Word of the day: minoaka (me-no-ah-ka) smile! Smiling is something i believe everyone should do atleast 20 times a day! So MINOAKA everyone! Have a good day! ? HawaiianWordOfTheDay ShowYourFriends SuggestWords Hawaii Anysuggestions? Let me know what tomorrows word should be!
Hawaiian work of the day : Awapuhi (ah-vah-pu-he) is the hawaiian word for Ginger! Specifically the flower of hawaiian ginger, known for its scent! This flower is not sold in stores and is highly sought after because it makes beautiful leis! Comment some words you wanna know in hawaiian! HawaiianWordOfTheDay LetMeShowYouHawaii Hawaii Awapuhi ShowYourFriends SuggestWords