My Unique Style the traditional women's wear known as Jainsem to Khasi people..bright and colorful comes in many variants. Taking Photos Fashion Khasi_jainsem Khasibelief Khasi—culture&tradition Khasi_beauty
The Kyllang Rock. It's granite. This massive rock is situated at Mairang, West Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya Khasi_beauty Khasibelief Hugerocks
Standing in "Ka iew Luri Lura" ...FolkTales Khasibelief ....believed to be paw n human prints Mawsynram Trek2014
moNoliTHs Forest Monolith Sacred Forest Khasi Khasihills Khasi—culture&tradition Khasibelief Peace Leaf Tree Sacred Places Forest Photography Shadow Sunlight Tree Textured  Close-up