Drawing, the moment where I relax and my mind goes to another universe. EyeEm Gallery Drawing Picoftheday Love Beauty Art Doctusdesign Portrait Photography
Cats&spines, the first draw that supported Doctusdesign! This cat is protecting itself against his own food. The ironic life of a cat. All rights reserved ©doctusdesign Animals Cat Cats Drawing Art Beautiful Sketch Nature EyeEm Porto
In ARos Art Museum, denmark, where there's a round tower with rainbow glass. The model and t-shirt of my brand Doctusdesign. Photography Fashion Aarhus, Denmark Picoftheday Darkness And Light Beauty Love People
Have a good day! A paint I did from a serie called "enjoy the freedom - free of doom". Acrylic on canvas. Drawing Beauty Love Art Picoftheday EyeEm Porto EyeEm Nature Lover Doctusdesign Life EyeEm Birds
Doctus design editorial - EyeEm Best Shots Fashion Open Edit Nature Beauty Enjoying Life Doctusdesign EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Life
I'm gonna start to show you my draws that I do for my brand Doctusdesign and after that you'll see those draws in some products. So here is the owl that I call "El muchengo". It is a famous character loved by grown and kids. I draw it by hand and then I paint it digitaly. Hope you all like it :) Drawing Owl Open Edit Handmade Dreaming Happy Love EyeEm Nature Lover Animals
Preparing the new collection :) Dreams Dreamcatcher Drawing Happy Love Illustration Relaxing Enjoying Life Doctusdesign Check This Out
Aarhus, Denmark Darkness And Light Photography Picoftheday Arhitecture Aarhus, Denmark Art Gallery ARos Art Museum Rainbow Doctusdesign
One of my beautiful models with a tank top from my brand, Doctusdesign :) Lovely Dreaming Inspiration Cute Photography Streetphotography Street Photography Enjoying Life Beautiful