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This Band, inspired me to the core of my being! From the first notes off the "Shout At The Devil" album, my fate here on earth became crystal clear.......I was going to be a Rockstar! Mötley Crüe gave a voice to an entire generation poised and ready to explode. It was a revolution and we embraced it as the decade of decadence. We werent the hippie, yuppie, generation x,y, or z. We were Generation F.U.! I was so proud to be watching these 4 guys playing their final show.......Ever! 20,000 screaming fans and we all felt a sense togetherness. The Crüe provided us with the soundtrack of our lives, and I believe Nikki, Vince, Mick, and Tommy felt the same togetherness with us. So, as i look tbrough the 1e6 gigs of pictures i took that night, I recognize that it was really 20,004 human beings sharing the same feeling thatcwe were all forever immortalized as being "Home Sweet Home". Motleycrue Nikkisixx VinceNeil Mickmars Tomnylee Summerconcertseries For The Love Of Music For The Love Of Music🎵🎶🎶
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