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Mondays are days where I turned slugabed. Enuf to transform breakkie to lunch and lunch to tea time. Period. Dinner is still at the usual time. Mondays are also house chores day. Perhaps grocery day too....depends. So tea time today was a cauldron of blended::: °1&1/2 chilled creamy avocado, °a handful of bitterish arugula, °1&3/4 ripe sweet blush pears, °1/2 crisp refreshing Japanese cucumber, °4-fingers pinched of fragrant parsley, °1 heaped tablespoon of Greek yoghurt, °salt, °grounded black pepper, °1/4-squeezed lemon juice, °a couple of ice cubes, balanced of spinach juice, °boiled water. Garnished with pistachio, sunflower seeds and slivers of kafir lime leaves. Strange taste indeed....i have to agree with my Mister. 😝😂😝😂. But it certainly is a healthy witchmix. Next time, i'll chuck the arugula out and perhaps use chicken broth. And keep it simpler & throw in raw garlic and more cucumber....?? So many variations to explore. How exciting life in my kitchenette is...😎 Nocook Foodstylingfoodstylingandphotography Homecook Homecooking Homecookedmeal Chilled Avocado Soup Avocado avocados Soup Soup Time  Soupoftheday Onmyway Ingredients Foodporn Foodpornasia Foodgasm Foodstagram Theartofslowliving Foodpics Foodpictures Foodpic Cookingwithlove Foodphotography Foodphotos Foodphoto Foodhaven cookingwithoutoil healthylicious eat healthy healthy eating healthyfare
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