Words can't describe the beauty of this Palace Dolmabahçe Stunning Myfutureplace Wannagoback Breathtaking Loveit Istanbul Turkey
That view i miss so much ? Wannagoback Myfutureplace Beautiful Sultanahmet
That door, the weather, the building, the nature, the architecture, poeple surrounded... everything is just amazing ❤ Wannagoback Dolmabahçe Myfutureplace Takemeback Beautiful Architecture Dreamtocometrue October2014 Picturing Individuality
Who says you can't fall in love with a place or a country! I fall in love with Istanbul Turkey and all its Beautiful streets and speachless arts.. Myfutureplace Wannagoback Takemethere Memories October2014 Hagia Sophia Ayasofya Sultanahmet
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